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Frost-CAL Capsules Supplier

With our brilliant logistics network, we can furnish urgent and massive requirements of the buyers with ease. High-quality and certified inputs are used for the production of our finished goods. We, as a trusted name, only select the certified vendors for procuring quality raw materials.


Specification :

  • 100% + 100%  Vegetarian
  • Omega -3 Fatty Acids


Why Omega -3 Fatty Acid is 100% Vegetarian ???

As we all knows Fish is the main source for Omega - 3 fatty Acids. But vegetarians,vegans do not eat fish and they get inadequate supply of these acids. For this reason,other sources for the supply of these important fatty acids are tapped.

The DHA which is used in our Products is derived from "Micro Algae" grown in an FDA - Inspect facility . It is the original and Natiural source of Omega -3 fatty Acids. Capsules shell is of HPMC (plant origin).